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All new build homes coming from our stable are sold exclusively via DCANS Properties LLC (a sister company).

Yes. We can have our architect draw up your plans and with our experience, can offer advice and suggestions to match your budget.

No, our highly experienced team can work with you on design ideas or modify our existing designs to help produce your ideal home. However if you have already commissioned an architect to produce your design, we are happy to work with them to bring your dream to reality.

No, we have all the necessary in house expertise, so you don't have to go to the additional expense of hiring an Engineer or a Land Surveyor.

Yes, we have a wealth of experience with the Planning Department and we can help you through each stage of the procedure, from the initial planning submission to the building warrant and completion certificate. We can never guarantee that permission will be granted, but if we think there is a reasonable chance of success, we will apply as your agent.

The statutory period for consideration is normally 3-6 months, but it can extend beyond this if, for example if further information is required. The cost of an outline planning application varies. However further fees are payable at different stages of the process and these would be included and detailed within our fees.

Not always. But depending on the nature and size of the project, Yes, this would be essential at contract stage or for the purchase of a plot.

Plan ahead and work out what your budget is. There may be costs involved that you have not considered. Spending time researching and refining your budget at the outset will avoid disappointment at the later stages. When you have settled on a figure we can sit down together and work towards a design to suit your brief and your budget.

DCANS Developments is notable in four areas of construction activity. The first is green building design for which the company’s design division, “DD Custom Design”, is a leader.

Green Residential construction is the principal building activity of the company with new, custom designed/built homes in the forefront. Remodeling with new additions, alterations, and other such renovation upgrades constitutes another major company activity. Finally, Unique Projects such as historic renovations, equestrian facilities, military housing planning/development, and other such specialized design/build services are available with our firm.

DCANS Developments is a multi-disciplined firm, which has been providing the highest quality building design and construction services to clients. Our services represent more than typical contracting activities. We are true green design/build technical advocates, approaching projects from our clients’ point of view, representing our clients’ interests, and watching out for our clients’ bottom line.We have assembled a team of home designers, interior decorators, contractors, engineering specialists, and support staff with the combined experience and breadth of expertise normally found in companies many times our size. However, we do not have a multi-layered bureaucracy, and this allows DCANS Developments to be responsive to client needs, creative in our solutions, and cost effective in our execution.

DCANS Developments is dedicated to the following business principles:

• Identifying our clients’ needs in a forthright, objective manner.

• Encouraging the use of state of the art, innovative design, green construction and engineering solutions where such solutions are in our clients’ best interests.

• Providing high quality, professional design/construction services to our clients at competitive prices.

• Exceeding our clients’ expectations through attention to detail and treating every project as if it were our own.

• Fostering a work environment for our employees and sub-contractors which engenders pride, commitment, professional growth, and job satisfaction

Our business principles stated above generally layout those aspects of our company which make us special among builders.

(A) Certainly, the thorough identification of our clients’ need and a corporate priority of advocating our clients’ interests first and advancing their priorities above all else, sets our company apart.

(B) Our encouraging the use of state-of-the-art, innovative green construction technology assures buildings of high structural integrity, cost-saving energy utilization, low maintenance requirements, and long-term quality of life for occupants of any age or physical condition.

(C) Certainly our provision of high quality professional services to our clients at competitive prices is an important factor. While no company can continue to grow and serve clients without turning a profit, DCANS Developments effectively approaches this through efficient operations, cost management, and fair pricing.

(D) Exceeding our clients’ expectations is often readily achieved through diligent exercise of the three principles laid out above. But our attention to detail throughout the home building process and excellent customer service after the clients move in is key to complete customer satisfaction.

(E) Our policy of enhancing the professional growth and job satisfaction of our employees and sub-contractors goes hand in hand with our goal of serving clients best by hiring the most talented people available.

Our reputation as creative, loyal, technical advocates for the client. This coupled with our professionalism and attention to detail before, during and after construction is finished is an unbeatable combination.

Our customer service programme is one of the linchpins in our company’s continuing success. It is oriented around our warranty service 30-day and one-year home inspections after our clients’ occupancy.

Yes. We do with this most prospective customers. During the time frame of a project being completed, we build excellent relationships with our customers. They are usually delighted to show you the projects/work we have completed for them.

This depends on your requirements. It is best to contact us for an accurate answer.

DCANS Developments has a worth of experience and long standing relationships with government agencies and assemblies.

Yes, we do. We’ve built homes with solar thermal systems, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, passive solar engineering, water re-circulation systems, geothermal systems, and much more.

Yes. The vast majority of our jobs include us sourcing all materials, handling all personnel and ensuring the project is completed to the highest standard. This is inclusive in our service. Our experience has shown that customers who attempt to project manage multiple tradesman and sourcing materials themselves more often than not turns into a false economy with no savings and increased overall costs. You will have a much better experience contracting a company to complete your project from start to finish.

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Payment is absolutely not required upfront. All respectable building companies will not require the full balance upfront. A detailed contract will be drawn up which will state set milestones customised to your project/works when interim payments will be required. The final payment will be required only once all works are completed. Our most common payment terms are between 3 and 4 intervals.

This is usually two months. If you require a longer price guarantee, please speak to us.

The easiest way, of course, is to pay cash (which some clients do).

The next best way is to get a construction loan. If you have already been prequalified for a construction loan with a lender you trust, great! We’re happy to work with them. If you don’t already have a construction loan in place, feel free to contact us to arrange financing inhouse with DCANS Investments LLC.

The first step is to find land to build on, and buy it. Once you have your land, it’s time to start talking to builders. Of course, we would love to be one of those builders you talk to! …and we’re happy to come out to your land for a site visit first to see what you have (at a small fee/cost to you).

Once you pick your builder, talk to them about your budget, your ideas for designs, and more. Then hire the builder you want to work with and start building.

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DCANS Developments is both a custom homebuilder and a speculative homebuilder for investment purposes, which means “we can either build on your lot or buy one of our lots to start your building project.”

We have inventory, which we rent out and/or sell via DCANS Properties LLC, so one thing you’ll need to do before we can build your dream home is to buy land to build on.

As a home builder, our business model is such that we generally work with clients who already own land and we build on their lot or they buy a complete house with the price of the land inclusive.

It may vary with other developers.

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Safety is a primary concern for DCANS Developments. We developed a comprehensive commercial construction safety programme. We employ noted occupational safety consultants to keep us current in safety methods and training. DCANS Developments conducts weekly toolbox safety meetings for our crews, and we require fall prevention classes for our superintendents and foremen. Additionally, our operators must earn and maintain licensing and certifications for the machinery they operate. DCANS Developments takes safety seriously and, as a result, we have not experienced a major accident in over 5 years.