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Small businesses play a vital role in every project we build and, by investing in their future, we not only strengthen our industry, but also the communities we serve. With each new venture DCANS Developments (DD) undertakes, we identify key areas in which local and small business can contribute.


• Complete Homebuilders

Responsible for starting, completing and handing over habitable housing units.


• Septic system installers

Install the septic tank, leaching system, biofil toile system and other components of the septic system, following the approved design of a sanitation engineer or qualified designer.


• Concrete

Set the formwork for a concrete foundation or slab, install the steel reinforcing, and lay the subsurface drainage pipe. Making sure the fresh concrete fills the forms without voids and finish slab surfaces as specified. Also to build concrete stairs, walkways, patios, retaining walls, and driveways. May also be required to offer other services such as waterproofing / damproofing of foundations, concrete cutting, concrete repair, and masonry work.


• Masons

Build block foundations and anything else using block or brick and mortar. That may include stairs, patios, walkways, retaining walls.


• Paving

Driveways, walkways, and patio made of concrete, asphalt, gravel, or “pavers” made of stone, concrete, or brick.


• Roofers

Prepare roofing surface with underlayment (asphalt-felt or alternative materials), along with special waterproofing membranes at the eaves and other areas prone to leakage. Install the roofing material: asphalt, metal, concrete, tile, wood, rubber, or composite. Sealing and flashing around openings and penetrations in the roof. May also be required to install roof ventilation where applicable.


• Carpentry Works

Roofing, Ceiling, Form Work, as well as wooding fittings (wardrobes, cabinets, doors, windows, furniture, etc).


• POP Ceiling



• Plumbers

“Rough in” pipes that will be hidden. Install the water heater and plumbing fixtures. May also install water-treatment systems and hydronic (water or steam) heating systems.


• Electricians

Install the service panel and “rough in” the wires that will be hidden from view. Install the electrical switches, fixtures, and devices such as air conditioners and ceiling fans. They may also run wiring for cable TV and computer networks.



Stands for “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning,” which is what you may be required to install. This might include a whole-house ventilation system such as a heat-recovery ventilator (HRV).


• Plasterers

Self explanatory.


• Finish carpentry and cabinets

Install the interior trim around doors and windows, as well as baseboards, crown, chair-rail, and other moldings. May also install and trim out stairs, build shelves and other built-ins, and install kitchen and bathroom cabinets.


• Flooring

Install any of the following types of flooring. Ceramic tile, vinyl, wood, and carpeting.


• Painters

Prep work. Exterior work.


• Landscaping

Grass, trees, and shrubs, elaborate landscaping with stonework, terraces, and exotic plantings.


• Interior Decor

Self explanatory


• Others

Home security, custom cabinets, fencing, decks and porches, garage doors, etc.


The above list is not an exhaustive one. We look forward to working with you.



How to apply

 Simply complete our Subcontractor Form at NO UPFRONT FEE.