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We regularly work with professional sub-contractors who are qualified and efficient in performing their services. Their knowledge, skill and professionalism are a vital resource, and we are deeply committed to maintaining strong working relationships that ultimately lead to our mutual success and to the success of our customers. Through extensive collaboration, DCANS Developments (DD) Ghana continues to deliver successful projects ensuring satisfied clients and valued repeat business for both DD and our subcontractors.

Our success as a builder is only possible with the support of great project partners (subcontractors like you). We take pride in our ability to assemble the best teams for our clients using highly-skilled and qualified subcontractors that share our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. We deliver superior facilities that are a win for our clients and all stakeholders involved. We are constantly seeking new subcontractors for projects that require Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) services as well as Construction. We are committed to providing equal opportunity and long-term partnership mutual benefits for all subcontractors qualified to work on DCANS Developments projects.

We are a private company and part of The DCANS Group Limited (registered in England & Wales, but dual-headquartered in Ghana and the UK) and we are obviously private-funded via a unique funding model and do not rely on public or bank funding to operate our business.



Once you qualify to be added to our database, we allocate a project to you (based on the information your provided via our onboarding form) for you to get back to us with your Bill of Quantities and all input costs. Once project costs are mutually agreed upon, we procure all materials and supplies needed to deliver the project (if not already in possession) to the level agreed and at a pre-agreed time, whilst also pre-financing workmanship costs for agreed milestones.

This is obviously far better than Government of Ghana opaque procurement and/or contracts systems. No cost incurred with tender and delayed payments that come with other projects.

Prior to qualifying as a Subcontractor with us, our NO UPFRONT FEE Subcontractor Onboarding does not make room for talkshop, irrelevant chatter, useless pre-application meetings - Only qualified registered business subcontractors will be contact and provided with free valid login details for our Subcontractor Portal. All mandatory in-person pre-project or pre-construction meetings are scheduled in-office or onsite for all projects ahead of disbursements before work begins.


Works are currently available in six (6) regions of Ghana:

• Greater Accra Region,

• Eastern Region,

• Ashanti Region,

• Central Region

• Western Region, and 

• Western North Region.


Qualified Subcontractors are required to recruit and pay their own onsite employees and/or workers, and contribute to all applicable pensions for such workers.




Our main project types will typically fall under any of the following:

• Residential Real Estate Construction (Both New Builds and Completions)

• Commercial Real Estate Construction (Both New Builds and Completions)


Detailed, customised scope of work are always provided for each project. We operate a 24/7 Work Schedule All Year Round - However, you can structure your own work schedule in line with applicable labour laws - Alternatively, you can run 8-hour shifts all day to meet delivery timelines.




For the purposes of our onboarding, we classify subcontractors into two (2) main groups:

- Complete Builder Subcontractors (Residential / Commercial)

- Specialty Subcontractors


General Info
 Scope of Work
 Targeteted at Subcontractors who start and/or finish a project to a habitable state for move-in
 Complete Projects
 Specialist / Professionals: Excavation, Concrete, Masonry & Stonework, Plastering, Roofing & Sheet Metal Work, Tile Setting, Painting & Beautification, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Carpentry, etc.
 Part of a Project




We procure all building materials & supplies required for qualified subcontractors to complete assigned projects, if not already in custody via The Builder Choice Ghana (corporate sibling & part of The DCANS Group Limited) - centralized procurement and resilient supply chains.




All assigned projects have timelines attached to them with prompt payment schedules. Unless for reasons of unanticipated natural causes (force majeurs) or personal injury to workmen on site, we take no excuses for delayed delivery.





• There are no upfront fees to list with us.

[Note: You may incur costs with other third-parties to register your business, setup a website for your business and open a business bank account, if you don't have them already]


• You have an opportunity to get steady stream of jobs with timely payments for your registered business to enable you grow and provide sustainable employment for your existing and prospective employees.


• You have an opportunity to get more jobs coming your way based on positive reviews we get from clients' projects you work on for us.


• Opportunity to benefit from Existing Partner Loans and/or Investments to help you grow and scale your business.


• We do not do Government of Ghana (GoG) Projects as a matter of company policy, until further notice.


• No Project with us can start without funding being approved for. Subcontractors only start work after initial disbursement, assurance of subsequent milestone-tied payment are guaranteed. Payment of works done are typically done weekly, however, the maximum waiting time for payment of inspected completed work is 14 days.


• You benefit from current and future construction and real estate jobs via group-wide pipeline projects:

- The DCANS Group's 50,000 Affordable Housing Programme being built for sale between now and 2030 with us. It's impossible for in-house builders to deliver all these units in time and/or on schedule, hence onboarding of experienced subcontractors (Construction / Project Financing already in place). We're always looking for a better and more efficient way to do deliver projects on time via healthy, progressive partnerships and collaborations.

- Bespoke Construction via DCANS Properties Ghana

- Renovation or Completion of Acquired Real Estate via DCANS Properties Ghana

- Renovation or Completion of DCANS Mortgage Ghana Acquisitions 

- Works or Jobs related to both Residential / Domestic and Commercial Projects with Build Now Pay Later Ghana

- Projects from Rent to Buy Ghana.

- Projects from Rent Now Pay Later.

- Ongoing renovation, repairs and maintenance works all of the above.


• Physical trading office is optional with us (but your business website is mandatory), so long as we know where you live. To us, the construction site is a primary office location.


• Properly executed initial project(s) gets rewarded with more projects. Poorly executed projects will lead to being removed from our platform.




Once you've been approved, we would give you free login details for our dedicated for Subcontracts . We provide all available projects packs, including architectural designs, drawings, plans and where applicable with approved building permits exclusively via our Portal Platform Only. 




• Qualified Applicants should be able to read, write and understand basic English (or at least one person on your team) to follow simple instructions in project execution


• Must be computer literate and/or internet savvy (at least one person on your team) to comply with our technology-laden reporting requirements


• To qualify as a Subcontractor you obviously need to be a registered business as this is not for individual tradespeople or men. You must be a registered business - either Sole Proprietor or Limited Liability Company.


• You must have a business bank account with any of the 23 BoG-regulated universal banks. All disbursements are only done with business bank accounts of registered businesses in question. Note: We'll never ask you for your bank details until you have been assigned a project and all financial details have been agreed.


• Tax Compliance - We work with all qualified registered businesses with relevant sector experience irrespective of age of registered business, however, all businesses older than 2yrs are expected to submit most recent Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) as part of the application process.


• You must have a website for your business, not any of those free websites, eg, etc . You MUST have the website under your own business or company name, eg ,, etc

Note: Anyone can design your business website for you, but it must be hosted anywhere you want.

However, You may also opt for for the FREE Website Design offer that comes with hosting your website with or DCANS Hosting - both sister companies. Additionally individuals with no registered business can benefit from the FREE Business Registration being offered by as part of your hosting your business websites with them).

We insist on your business having a website for varied reasons but this one stands tall: prospective clients of ours we will be providing you their project to do will need to know more about your business, your past work and people behind the business and will prefer to have it on a professional website.


You can design your website anyhow you want, but it MUST have the following sections or details:

- About Us / Company Profile

- Management Team

- Contact / Support

- Project Portfolio


IT IS MANDATORY TO HAVE A WEBSITE FOR YOUR BUSINESS, BUT NOT COMPULSORY TO HAVE IT HOSTED WITH ANY OF OUR DIGITAL PARTNERS [ / DCANS Hosting]. However, you stand to benefit from the freebies that come with hosting with them as listed below:

- Free Website Design

- Free Logo Design

- Free Business Registration (where applicable)

- Free Tax Compliance Support



Please note that there is no advantage for hosting your website with any of our hosting partners as far as our Subcontracting Onboarding is concerned, aside the digital infrastructure support outlined above.


Useful Tip:

We provide free guidance on setting up a professional website if you don't have one yet, or the basic sections you need to have if you already have one, for your business here.



• CV / Profile of all Key Management Staff of your registered business


• Capacity Statement / Proof of Experience / Past Projects / Track Record


• Daily Construction / Project Report

A written document and record that has two main purposes:

1. they furnish information to off-site persons who need and have a right to know important details of events as they occur daily and hourly, and

2. they furnish historical documentation that might later have a legal bearing in cases of disputes.


Daily reports should be as factual and impersonal as possible, free from the expression of personal opinions and feelings. Each report should be numbered to correspond with the working days established on the progress schedule. In the event of no-work days, a daily report should still be made, stating "no work today" ( due to rain, strike, or other causes).

The report includes a description of the weather; a record of the total number of employees, subcontractors by name, work started and completed today, equipment on the job site, job progress today, names and titles of visitors, accidents and/or safety meetings, and a remarks column for other job related information. We provide free electronic template or format on our Subcontractors Portal.




Partner businesses play a vital role in every project we build and, by investing in their future, we not only strengthen our industry, but also the communities we serve. With each new venture DD undertakes, we identify key areas in which local, small, medium and other large businesses can contribute.

 See here for the full areas we need.




Kindly complete the online form here, uploading all supporting documentation. 






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