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Church Design & Construction Services

DCANS Developments (DD) brings faithful guidance to ministries with expansion or renovation goals. Our management team has played active roles on the building committees of local churches. As a result, we understand the importance of implementing a cost-efficient building solution and the challenges associated with church construction.

We believe that trust is the foremost ingredient for project success. That’s why we provide open-book estimating, where every cost is itemized and communicated up front. Our process also emphasizes careful planning, which is integrated into combined visioning, fundraising, design and construction. The result is a ministry home that is attractive, functional, represents your organization’s unique mission and is compatible with future growth.


Our church experience includes:

• Church Design & Construction

• Church Renovations

• Christian Schools

• Administrative Offices

• Classrooms/Daycare/Nurseries

• Fellowship Centers

• Kitchen/Dining Facilities

• Multi-purpose Buildings

• Worship Centers/Sound Studios