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Build Now Pay Later is a dedicated service that allows you to build on your own land and pay via instalments over a period up to 30 years (not exceeding pension age 60).



We finance, design and build your residential or commercial project for you whilst you only repay us after completion, in full or via instalments. 

This service saves you the time and stress of looking for and/or supervising construction value chain workers on your project, as we handle everything from start to finish. 



- You MUST already own land in your own name. We DON'T sell land - you come with your own litigation-free land 

- Valid ID (any of these will do: Passport, Driver's License, Voter's, SSNIT Number) 

- Proof of Income 

Salaried Workers :

CAGD-paid Public Sector Workers only need to provide most recent 3 months payslip. SSNIT Statement is waived for controller paid public sector workers. 

Private Sector Workers MUST be SSNIT registered. Most recent 3 months payslip PLUS most recent 24 months SSNIT Statement. 


Salaried workers can only use our service for an owner-occupier residential project. To build a rental property or any other non-owner occupier residential project you need to be registered business (more below) 


Business Owners :

* You MUST be the owner of a registered business. Business registration documents will be required. 

* Most recent 12 months business bank statement 





Searches are done to ascertain your true ownership of the land, that the land has not been used as a collateral or unencumbered, that it is not a subject of litigation in any court. 



* Land Title / Indenture Search 

The litigation-free land MUST be in your own name as an owner-occupier residential project , and NOT a third-party. Land can only be in the name of either a business or name of the business owner or shareholder for commercial applicants. 


* Collateral Search 

This is done at the Bank of Ghana Collateral Registry System to satisfy our that the land (or uncompleted building) has not been used to secure a loan anywhere 

* Court Registry Search 

* Hydrological Report (Flood-prone status) 

* Earthquake-prone 

* Credit Report (Optional) 



We may only schedule an in-person meeting with you at this stage, in line with with operational efficiency policies, in order not to clog our operations with irrelevant chatter and talkshops. 

We cost your project and submit to you our estimates after visiting your site. Note that you will be responsible for bearing the costs of transporting and feed our team of less than four (4) at this stage to your site for assessment. 

We design and produce architectural drawings to procure a building permit. We can add the cost of the building permit to the project cost. However, projects that have started already without a valid building permit would have to procure a valid building permit at your own cost before we can take up the project to complete it for you. 



We complete most simple non-storey residential projects in less than 2 months, and ready for move-in after getting a valid certificate of occupancy from statutory bodies. 


You can find the full details of this service via our dedicated platform here