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Buying a house is the biggest ever purchase by most people and it takes proper planning. Our affordable housing are targeted Ghana Resident Taxpayers -Salaried Workers & Registered Business Owners.



Proof of Employment & Regular Income

Our affordable housing comes with home financing built-in, hence the need to demonstrate that you have Permanent Employment and Regular Monthly Income above GHS1,500.


Proof of Pension

As part of offering you affordable home financing option, we require you to provide proof to us that you have mandatory Tier-I and II (which is also a proxy for us in determining how regularly you're paid).

Public Sector Salaried Workers are required to attach most recent 12 months SSNIT/Cap-30 Statement AND Tier-II Statement with their application.

Most recent 24 months SSNIT Statement AND Tier-I Statement are required for Private Sector Salaried Workers.


Salary Bank Account

You're required to have a Salary or Personal Bank Account (Current preferred) with any of the 23 BoG-regulated universal banks.


Proof of Savings

No one buys a house empty-handed, even if you're getting a 100% mortgage (no money down) - like we're doing. Even as we are not charging any upfront fees or making you make payment, there are legal costs (aside moving costs) that you're expected to foot from your own pocket yourself. You can't buy a house if you don't have savings.

As part of our NON-DEPOSIT TAKING NO UPFRONT FEES Affordable Housing Purchase Programme, you're expected to attach your most recent six (6) months Salary or Personal Bank Statement showing a minimum balance of GHS10,000 (for Rent-to-Buy Financing Option) and GHS20,000 (for DCANS Mortgage Financing Option). 

Investment Statement (Money Market or Liquid Funds, Non-Stock Investments) from a SEC-regulated institution may be acceptable in place of a traditional bank statement.


Proof of Identification

You can provide any of the following Valid IDs: Passport, Driver's License, Voter's ID (Old/New), SSNIT Number. 




Only Salaried Workers can apply to buy via this platform without having to be an existing customer of the TDG Ecosystem. However, Registered Business Owners are expected to be existing customers of (a sister company & part of The DCANS Group Limited) to qualify to apply there.