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When choosing a builder to build your home, you need a craftsman who takes pride in his workmanship, pays attention to detail, has excellent customer service and only delivers top quality houses. The craftsmen at DCANS Developments bring you a company that does just that. It is our mission to provide quality, sustainable and affordable construction services. We achieve this by putting the interests of our clients first. Once you contact us, we will inquire about your project ideas first then suggest any additional idea that may make your project a success.

Once we have the idea, our professional builders under a project manager will undertake the project. It is our guarantee to complete your project within your timeline and budget.


Competitive Advantage


• Skilled, honest and loyal team of builders

Let us bring your dream to fruition. With our design expertise and a melding of design principles, practical use of your section, light and spaces we look forward to working closely with you on this exciting option.


• Complete project management services


• Investments in green and sustainable building


• Affordable & durable building services


• Innovative solutions


• Direct bespoke funding solutions

A barrier to building is mostly finance and nothing else. Our Finance Team can help you with arranging finance via in-house direct lenders.


• Over 30 years of combined experience


• 24/7 customer support team