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Buying land as an investment in the path of development. land is a hot commodity due to sprawling cities and commercial development. Open land is often consumed at a dizzying rate by cities and developers hungry for space to build more housing, retail and office space. In anticipation of future development, we purchase and hold land that is vacant, rural or underutilized, prime or sub-urban, improve its state and start any in-house projects on them or resell as serviced/unserviced once it eventually falls in the path of development.

We will not be trying to sell a piece of land that will never be able to do anything with, after all we have been in the real estate industry for some time now and have an impeccable reputation when it comes to selling and marketing quality investments and property.

We de-risk the inherent problematic and murky land acquisition processes on the Ghanaian landscape by employing unique strategies different from the many others. All lands (including raw, 'virgin', unzoned, zoned, disused) are acquired via a specialised asset class platform with private capital from the group's property fund.

Lands in our portfolio can usually be used for new housing, commercial development, agriculture or any environmentally-friendly use case dependent on location. 

For absolute peace of mind in buying a land in Ghana, start the process with us here.