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We can help you remove your old house and rebuild a new one or replace it with a commercial property (subject to new building permit), keeping the neighbourhood you love while getting the house or commercial property you deserve.


There are a number of reasons why you might wish to look at our Remove and Rebuild option…


1. Keep the neighbourhood you love

Moving home can be stressful. Much of the stress isn’t caused by the move itself, but from having to say goodbye to a way of life and surroundings, then having to adjust to a whole new neighbourhood away from what you’ve grown to love. Sometimes it’s as simple as keeping the established garden or as practical as maintaining the school zoning. It’s all possible while enhancing how you live with the latest appliances, powerpoints exactly where you’ll use them, fabulous water pressure with instant hot water and as much or as little home technology as you need.


2. The financially sound option

With every DCANS Developments construction, the build cost is known before the first length of timber is cut. This is easy for us because every component of a new home is measured at the design stage. This approach avoids the unknowns that renovating might unearth. The financial common sense doesn’t end there. New houses ensure maximum resale value for your investment, sometimes a new home home on part of the land could effectively cost you nothing.


3. Replacing Old/Dilapidated/Structurally Defective Buildings

The best suburbs tend to also be the most established. That means that finding a site available to build on, in an established suburb is almost impossible. Renovating isn’t for everyone, and sometimes presents more unknowns than many buyers would like to be exposed to. Yet, to live in a desirable suburb with attributes like school zoning, north facing sun, great shopping and strong community, there is a way forward. We help customers find locations in established, desirable suburbs whilst we replace their new building at their sites, with a different approach, can deliver to an exacting home/commercial property specification and street locality for you.



The remove and rebuild process:

Desirable suburbs provide the opportunity to maximise your new locations potential, as stunningly designed homes/commercial property tend to fit right in. If a truly unique design is part of your vision, we will help bring yours to life. The DCANS Developments Design and Build system confidently guides you through the process from start to finish, achieving the individual design you have in mind in 5 easy steps.