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Dodowa, Brekusu, Akwadum.
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Combining Expertise and Resources.

We firmly believe in the benefits of collaborative partnering and understand what it takes to partner with other organisations. This includes sharing technology and niche expertise, understanding risks and opportunities from different perspectives and making best use of the combined range of skillsets, mind-sets and management tools. Our approach has enabled us to partner with national and international peers on projects.

On our own, DCANS Developments is a well-resourced and capable contractor; our reputation is healthy and we can rely on the formidable group resources of The DCANS Group, our parent company. As a partner, we share all of our strengths with those whom we work alongside. We remain open to new JV opportunities.



• Infrastructure

• Tunnelling

• Transportation

• Ports and Marine

• Retail

• Utility

• Commercial Sector projects

• Education Sector projects

• Accra prime projects (residential / commercial)


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