Dodowa, Akwadum.
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Our Strategy

We are committed to differentiating ourselves by continuously increasing our expertise in executing large and sophisticated buildings, residential and commercial facilities and infrastructure projects while maintaining a highly selective risk management process for every new project and venture.

DCANS Developments (DD) will always operate at highest level of safety, quality and cost effectiveness, to ensure we remain the most attractive to our clients, employees and partners.

Our success comes from our people, who strive to continuously innovate, adapt to local markets, and hone their skills. Through this strategy, DD will continue to grow and increase profitability.


Core Values

• Excellence: We strive for excellence in quality, and we continuously innovate, utilizing advanced technologies

• Commitment: We are fully dedicated to delivering our objectives through the most efficient use of resources

• Sustainability: We are committed to safeguarding all stakeholders, including especially the health and safety of our employees, society as a whole and the environment

• Accountability: We are fully accountable for carrying out our responsibilities in accordance to the values and principles of DD

• Integrity: We act with reliability, honesty, transparency and fairness

• Teamwork: We insist on mutual respect, cooperation and mutual encouragement to achieve each individual’s potential